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Friday, November 18, 2022

Nunca Te Salvé Novela Capítulo 4

 Capítulo 4


Avenida, 28.

Todo lo que podía recordar era su nombre y edad, y que él era un mago del rango más bajo en el Palacio Imperial.

Nadie se dio cuenta de que él era el Señor de la Torre Mágica, deportado y privado de sus recuerdos.

Por supuesto, Ophelia tampoco lo sabía.

Fue en Ladeen donde conoció a Alei.

Debido a que fue degradado, tuvo que ir a ese lugar con Ophelia para la inspección, y era un hombre extraño en muchos sentidos.

Bueno, podría ser que ya fuera extraño para empezar antes de que perdiera sus recuerdos.

Por supuesto, había algunas cosas pequeñas que podía reconstruir aprendiendo sobre sí mismo.

For example, judging by his accent, it’s possible that he was from the East. And if you considered the unnatural way his memory was wiped clean, his amnesia was likely not an accident, but the work of a mage. Alei said this as he scratched the back of his head awkwardly.

—I guess I was one hell of a guy before I lost my memories.

—Don’t you want your memories back?

—It’s not uncomfortable to live this way. I’m not desperate to get them back.

Even so, Ophelia could remember that there were a lot of memory-related magical books in his study. But it wasn’t just his amnesia that set him apart from most people.

The second reason was his talent in magic.

As soon as he came to Ladeen, he dealt with all the complaints that had been filed. No matter how little Ophelia’s knowledge about magic was, she knew that this wasn’t something that a low-ranked magician could do.

In one case, some sails were too high for the ships to sail safely, and someone asked for a solution for this. Ophelia knew that there were two ways to temper the waves with magic—through telekinesis either to suppress the sea from above, or to directly control the waters.

Of course, neither method was easy to do. But if one were to choose, the former option was leagues easier than the latter.

Even just suppressing the sea was possible through only an intermediate mage’s power.

Ophelia remembered about the time when the Second Princess had a birthday feast next to a lake, where intermediate mages controlled the lake with telekinesis to ensure that the guests could go boating safely.

But Alei was different.

As soon as he arrived at the coast, where even the high tide was threatening to rise further, he raised a hand stretched toward the sea as though he was measuring something, then quickly put the waves to rest. Ophelia, who was his superior at that time, saw this and was awestruck instantly.

—How did you do that?

—What do you mean?

—That, the waves.

—I untangled some twisted currents. It’ll be fine for the next three days.

—Is it possible to just release the current? Why don’t you just press it down with telekinesis…?

Ophelia asked this, dumbfounded, but Alei frowned and asked in return.

—Really? But if I force it down through telekinesis, I’ll need to stay here until all the ships have left. This is more efficient.

—It’s not that I don’t know that, but…

Controlling a current was like pushing the water away with telekinesis. It was possible to do this with a small river or lake, but Ophelia couldn’t believe that he controlled the currents of the vast ocean so easily.

It was impossible for her to comprehend this.

—Is there something wrong with my method?

—No, it’s not like that. I’m just surprised.

Since then, Alei had taken care of fifteen more complaints, then returned to the inn.

He was absolutely competent.

Ophelia had wondered about this for a while, but sooner or later, she found out the reason behind this.

Because of his lost memories, they didn’t assign him to a higher post because he didn’t know where he was from. After being given such a low-ranking position, he even lost his chance to get promoted every time he went out to the countryside.

Everyone in the Imperial Palace placed an emphasis on one’s family lineage and origin.

That’s why he got that position.

Even more so, Alei wasn’t someone who spoke empty, flattering words. He was a man who didn’t know how to speak in a roundabout manner, and he often just said ‘no’ to anything he found annoying.

To put it simply, he was an eccentric man.

At first, Ophelia felt offended by his manner of speech, but after some time, she became more comfortable around him knowing that he meant no malice. At least he was candid and honest when talking to her.

But of course, this was partly because he wasn’t interested in other people in the first place.

There were only three times that Alei involved himself with her matters.

First, when Ophelia talked about the wedding.

Second, when Ophelia, who was already the Grand Duchess, burst into tears and couldn’t stand Ian’s cold shoulder.

And lastly, the third time—

“Will you cry when I’m not around, Ophelia?”

“It won’t happen.”

When it was time for him to leave Ophelia’s side.

“I think the Grand Duchess’ pillowcase has enough tear streaks already, right?”

“I won’t cry. Why would I when I know you’ll get your memories back and that you’ll get back on track with your own life?”

“Certainly. Once the mages hand over the Magic Tower, I’ll be very successful.”


Alei spoke in a nonchalant manner, then he continued with the same tone.


“Please don’t cry.”


Why did he have to say that.

What made his expression look like he was about to cry.

It was a shame that they had to part ways, and he wasn’t a bad friend to have at all.

And perhaps it was fate that he was always beside her whenever she was backed into a cliff.

‘Now that I think about it.’

She was able to get through many hardships because of him.

It would have been better if he had stayed.

She wouldn’t have made the reckless decision to swallow the mermaid scale.

…Ah, she didn’t know.

There was no way to return anyway.

“Thank you for saving me.”

Ophelia got down from Alei’s arms and gave her thanks belatedly. For what he had done just now, and for all that happened in the past.

Of course, the person in front of her didn’t know about that.

Alei’s golden eyes narrowed.

“Did you jump or did you fall?”

She did jump. But she had a change of heart.

And it was him who made her realize.

As she fixed her disheveled hair, Ophelia lifted her gaze slowly.

That golden gaze was persistently seeking out her eyes, so it was natural that their gazes would meet.

As she looked into his eyes filled with suspicion, Ophelia spoke.

“I owe you, so I’ll pay you back.”

“…I didn’t mean to save your life.”

“If you know how I’ll pay you back, you’ll definitely accept the offer.”

“And what exactly would you do for me?”

“The memories you’ve lost. I’ll help you find them.”


Ophelia smiled as she looked at Alei’s stiff expression. A smile that was as tranquil as the setting sun.

‘I told you you’d want it.’


* * *


Someone who knew about his memories appeared.

He was so blindsided by her proposition that he had to repeat the words in his mind several times.

It had already been three years since he lost his memory and was employed by the Imperial Family as a low-ranking mage.

He didn’t know who was responsible for it, but only information about himself was wiped clean from his mind.

Having no memories didn’t mean he’d become daft, so he immediately noticed.

Someone must have done this to him.

At first, he felt quite hopeful.

He thought he’d at least meet one of his old acquaintances while living here.

But there was no one.

Far from recognizing him, wherever he went, nobody knew his name.

It was only a few days ago that he had finally given up on finding old acquaintances.


He realized for the first time that his name could be pronounced in such a way, as if dandelion seeds had been scattered.


—What, you know me?



Just what on earth did he catch from the sky?

Fingió no saber quién era ella, pero Alei lo supo de inmediato. Ella era Ofelia, la Primera Princesa de Milescet.

Ella era la inspectora con una tarea recién asignada en un lugar lejano, y la persona que se convertiría en su superior.

En otras palabras, alguien con quien Alei no debería haber tenido ningún contacto hasta ahora.

Pero, ¿cómo diablos lo conocía?

¿Por qué se hizo esto a sí misma en primer lugar?

Hubiera sido bueno si pudiera aferrarse a este rayo de esperanza y caer fácilmente en él, pero sus ojos cansados ​​estaban distorsionados por la confusión.

Si ella está tratando de engañarlo, será mejor que se detenga.

Debe ser una broma.

“Me alegro de que estés interesado en mí, pero no soy como la princesa. No puedo darme el lujo de jugar así.

Esta vez, los ojos de Ophelia eran redondos.

“Solías llamarme 'Lady'. ¿Fue todo solo un acto?

“Porque no quiero fingir nada”.

“Ni siquiera estás tratando de ser deshonesto. Eso es como tú.

La forma en que hablaba lo estaba molestando. Era como si ella lo conociera bien.

“Aun así, sería bueno que empezaras a confiar en mí. Piénsalo con cuidado, Alei. ¿Por qué mentiría acerca de conocerte? ¿Por qué molestaría al mago de bajo rango? No puedes refutarlo, pero depende de ti si quieres creerme o no”.

Incluso su voz tranquila, que no era ni alta ni baja, lo estaba molestando.

Como una sirena sentada en un arrecife para llevar a los marineros a la muerte...

“Si crees que seguiré vertiendo agua en un río, entonces sigue tu camino. No te detendré.

"... Entonces, ¿podrías explicármelo primero?"

Al final, Alei dirigió su bote hacia el arrecife.

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